James creates an evening of non-stop laughter with a wry sense of the absurd, a Southern accent and universal story-telling. The ridiculous, the common and sometimes even the simplest events all become hilarious in the hands of this master storyteller and world-class comedian.

Check out this great remembrance of comedian Tim Wilson by James Gregory on John Boy and Billy.

Check out this great article about how James started his career. From the article, “Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think of getting in the entertainment business. Then it became something to do for fun, but in a matter of months, I realized that possibly I could make money doing it.”

“I teach school in Ocean Spring, Mississippi, and I feel that every american should listen to what James had to say this morning on The Big Show with John Boy & Billy. He made several references to John Kennedy’s inaugural speech. Friends, James’ commentary was and may be the best speech since JFK’s inaugural speech. I want my students to hear what he had to say.” — Jeffery LaFrance, Ocean Spring, MS

“James Gregory is in a class all by himself …. his humor transcends all barriers.”
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