Praise for James Gregory – “Outstanding Corporate Comedian”

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James Gregory is a rare type of corporate comedian. His ability to engender side-splitting laughter and engage corporate audiences is unparalleled. Here are a few reviews from corporate, and other, performances.

Thank you for working with us to help make our Christmas Party a huge success. We have had so many employees telling us today how much they enjoyed Mr. Gregory’s performance; all their excitement from the party last night has carried over today. I have to say that it was a pleasure working with Mr. Gregory. He is truly a Gentleman and just fit right in with the Metro Bank family. I was very impressed with the way he made himself available to our employees and welcomed their conversations and request for pictures. He made us all feel welcomed. Mr. Gregory lives up to his reputation as The Funniest Man in America, I laughed until I hurt. We loved his downhome spirit.Jeanette Allen, Senior Vice President / Human Resources, Metro Bank
James Gregory put on an amazing show. He gave a show that genuinely appealed to everyone in the audience. There is not another act that could have completed our event and brought the success we achieved like James Gregory.Jamie Coleman, Coastal Concrete
Our party was a huge success, greatly in part due to James’ performance. We greatly appreciate all your efforts and James attendance and performance. We have heard nothing but rave reviews from our employees. This year’s party was one of the highest attended ever. So thank you and James again.Tina Hopkins, Logan Aluminum, Inc.
The committee has heard nothing but great things about last night’s show. The board of directors, bank officers, and employees would like to thank you and Mr. Gregory for a wonderful time. James was a class act and I thank you for dealing with my inexperience of booking entertainment. I hope in the future we can work together again.Ross West, Merchants Bank of Alabama
To say the very least, your comedy routine was fantastic! I cannot remember enjoying any comedian more than the enjoyment and laughter you created.Carl Hartley, American Lung Association
Thank you, thank you, and thank you. James was fabulous yesterday! People were crying from laughing so hard. We had great conversations while having lunch. After our luncheon was over everyone was telling me that was the most fun they have ever had at our luncheon. I wish we had more time for him and he had more time to stay with us! I would love to do it again someday!!! I hope that we can get together at an appearance in Canton or surrounding area and I be able to say thank you in person. Please tell James on behalf of Cherokee County Fire & Emergence Services we send him a huge THANK YOU! If there is ever anything we can do for you or James please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Captain Chad Arp, Cherokee County Fire and Emergency Services, Canton, GA
Just wanted to tell you that you made our annual Christmas banquet one to remember. You’re unbelievable!Allen Moxey, Computone Systems, Inc.
It was a great evening filled with laughter and smiles. My COO said it was the best money we spent at the conference! Barbara Dunavant, Spirit Telecom
You are without a doubt, the funniest man I’ve heard. Your performance was one heck of a treat. I think, I can speak for all three hundred people in attendance by saying simply, you’re awesome.Tom Oakes, Health Physics Society
You spoke for forty-five minutes, as it turned out, that still wasn’t enough for those present. Everyone wanted more; we hated to see the evening end.Mark Parker, Magazine Consultants, Inc.
Well, you certainly lived up to your reputation; even our guests from New Zealand and West Germany were impressed with your humor. Being funny and doing so in good taste is indeed a rare talent.Dr. David Hull, Georgia Opthamology Association
I made a terrible mistake…I showed one of your videos during lunch and thought several directors might actually die from choking on their food or from being hit by food flying through the air. It was a quick and unanimous decision to invite you to bring the keynote address to our annual banquet.John Cox, Paulding County Chamber of Commerce
We’ve had all kind of speakers; the famous and the not so famous. But no on has ever gotten more laughs than you. You’re beyond funny, you’re just plain hilarious!Ed Blanton, Tallahassee Touchdown Club