James Gregory – America’s Favorite Corporate Comedian

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James Gregory is in a class all by himself…his humor transcends all barriers: social, economic, racial or whatever.ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE


Well, you certainly lived up to your reputation; even our guests from New Zealand and West Germany were impressed with your humor. Being funny and doing so in good taste is indeed a rare talent.

Dr. David Hull, Georgia Ophthalmology Association


He is a dream artist to work with–down to earth, low maintenance and he can sell out a house. Who wouldn’t want to bring him to their venue?!
Heidi Stump, Exec. Dir., Clayton Center Auditorium & Conference Center


When the show was over, I was in pain; I had laughed so hard. My sides were actually sore the next day. Your show that night, and your DVDs, have brought me more smiles and laughter than anything ever in my life.Kelli Shannon, South MS