Clean Comedy Videos from Humorist James Gregory

Enjoy these clean comedy videos from James Gregory’s various DVDs and live performances!

James Gregory talks about his mystification with gym memberships in this excerpt from Beef Stew for the Brain.

This video, an excerpt from Beef Stew for the Brain shows comedian legend, James Gregory at his genius best. He inhabits the very essence of our favorite overweight relative after a large dinner. The one that has had way too much to eat… and might just eat some more. James Gregory’s physical comedy, narrative, and timing in this bit show just why James Gregory is a favorite theater, club and corporate comedian.

James Gregory talks about Air Travel in this Funniest Man video.

James loves animals as much as the next person, but when an endangered species… of rat, threatens to endanger our freedoms to develop land, James isn’t going to take that lying down.

James Gregory has some fun with animal rights, diet and exercise. This brief compilation shows just what a veteran master he is and why James Gregory is one of America’s most beloved, clean comedians.